Taste of Fall Hard Candy

We love all things fall because it's all about the food! We've created this fun assortment of hard candy with 4 new flavors and they include: coffee (NEW), cranberry, apple pie, green apple (NEW), pumpkin spice (NEW) and vanilla (NEW). If you look closely at the pumpkin spice, you'll see little flecks of actual pumpkin spice and the vanilla has flecks of crushed vanilla bean. Some folks also call this candy hard tack or pillow candy - we call it delicious.  The taste of fall hard candy is "accidentally vegan". Check out how it's made on our YouTube channel. We have had a few reports of hard candy getting sticky or clumpy in very hot climates and adding a cold pack may help prevent that. Choose from 8 ounces or 16 ounces.

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