Ribbon Candy, filled

It's a new day for ribbon candy - we've made many fabulous flavor and filling combinations to take ribbon candy to the next level AND we make it year round. Ribbon candy isn't just for Christmas anymore! The process is pretty difficult and the ribbons form in varying widths, so it's not terribly uniform. We cannot stress enough: IT MAY BREAK IN TRANSIT. The reason I shouted is because we want to make sure that you understand it may not arrive looking like the photo. It will still be delicious, but buy at your own risk.  Since it may arrive broken, please don't plan on giving this as a gift. In the past, we haven't traditionally shipped ribbon candy, but are doing so due to customer demand and the filling helps somewhat to hold it together.

We make a large variety of ribbon candy flavors and don't stock all of them at the same time. To be notified when any item is back in stock: Go to the product page of the desired item, and click “email when available” and enter your email. When you enter your request, you are voting for the item to be made and the items with the most requests get made first!