Peanut butter filled molasses ribbon candy

We managed to fill molasses ribbon candy with peanut butter and it's a beautiful golden color. The process is pretty difficult and the ribbons come out in varying widths, so it's not terribly uniform. The peanut butter filled molasses is also somewhat fragile, so while it will be wrapped in bubble pack: IT MAY BREAK IN TRANSIT. The reason I shouted is because we want to make sure that you understand it may not arrive looking like the photo. It will still be delicious, but buy at your own risk. Since it may arrive broken, please don't plan on giving this as a gift. We don't usually ship this but are trying it out due to customer demand - so if it arrives busted, NO WHINING!!! Check out the process on our YouTube channel. The Peanut butter filled molasses ribbon candy is "accidentally vegan".  We have had a few reports of ribbon candy getting sticky or clumpy in very hot climates and adding a cold pack may help prevent that. Choose from 8 ounces or 16 ounces,

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