Messy peanut butter and fluff® cups

Messy Peanut Butter and Fluff Cups

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Folks have asked us what we do with "candy fails" and the answer is: sell them at a big discount in the store, (pretty peanut butter and fluff® cups sell for $6.99). We've been experimenting with various methods of making the peanut butter and fluff® cups and we've had some messy results. Usually, we put them in the "ugly" basket in the store and the locals snap them up within 24 hours. They may be ugly in the package, but they sure taste pretty!

Hercules Candies has taken the peanut butter cup to the next level by adding Marshmallow fluff®! We have encased creamy JIF® peanut butter and Marshmallow fluff® in our delicious milk chocolate to make a swoon worthy combination. A fluffernutter® sandwich is great, but who needs bread when you can have chocolate?! These delightful confections are packed 2 per package. Check out how we make them on our YouTube channel.