Eggnog creams eggs
Eggnog cream egg cut open
cream eggs
Cream eggs cut open
blue raspberry cream egg
mango cream egg
Pina colada cream egg
dark chocolate eggnog cream egg green foil
milk chocolate eggnog cream egg red foil

Cream Eggs

Regular price $ 2.99

FOR CHRISTMAS ONLY: We threatened to make eggnog creams eggs and we did it! The eggnog creams eggs are available in milk chocolate or dark chocolate for a limited time only.

FOR SUMMER ONLY: We have made a selection of cream eggs in flavors that we never had a chance to try during the Easter season, so get them while you can: blue raspberry, pina colada, mango and *peanut butter cream (which we do make for Easter, but y'all can never get enough of them)!

Our hand made cream eggs will make your Easter celebration special. The cream eggs are a single serving size and are available in many flavors for Easter: buttercream (made with real butter), coconut, raspberry, *marshmallow and peanut butter cream. The cream eggs are individually wrapped in the foil color that indicates the flavor and chocolate type (milk chocolate or dark chocolate, plus peanut butter for the marshmallow).

*Please note that the peanut butter is a cream center, NOT just peanut butter, like a peanut butter cup. The marshmallow is just a marshmallow center, NOT marshmallow cream.

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